July 31, 2014

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July 31, 2014



This is fucking great. One of Lil B’s catchiest and most enjoyable songs musically, and while the rapping is far from his most conventional—his habit of blatantly abandoning rhyme scheme is indulged a good bit here—the message is beautiful. I’m glad he made this record, and I’m gonna listen to it a lot.

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July 31, 2014
"Song Reader crystallizes the maturation of the white indie set to the new ruling class—an arc traced by Beck’s own career. This is a world of people who are mellow, organized, emotive within reason, a little retro, and graced with just a zest of modernity."

Mike Powell reviews Song Reader, which features artists including Jarvis Cocker, Jack White, and Jeff Tweedy interpreting songs from Beck’s sheet music project from 2012. (via pitchfork)

The subtle damnation in this quote is more obvious if you start it about two lines earlier, including the previous sentence and a half, which follows:

At some point describing the project becomes a Russian nesting doll of branding and attribution, brought to you by someone in conjunction with someone else for the benefit of yet someone else. Between [Warby] Parker, McSweeney’s, and the album’s lineup itself…

This is not a positive review:

Though the cause behind Song Reader is vital, the album is mealy, governed by some strange centripetal force that manages to pull a group of otherwise interesting artists toward a mean of midtempo Americana and light roots music.

And its reasons for the light condemnation in this 4.5/10 review seem like good ones to me, even though I haven’t heard the album yet. I’m not exactly delighted at the idea that the new Beck record is bad (I used to love the guy… I still kinda do), but I do like that Mike Powell is pointing fingers in the right directions in this review.

July 29, 2014


Happy birthday today to the Soul-Junker they call Singing Serpent Glenn!  

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CRANK #4 1994 (no page #)


  • Trumans Water were originally from San Diego, CA. Their Wikipedia page is a mess!
  • Their blat of activity in the first half of the 90’s was impressive. They seemed to slow down a bit at the turn of the century, but picked up steam again in the past few years.

I bought this single having never heard Truman’s Water, only knowing what I’d read about them. It turned out to be completely different from what reviews had led me to expect. I thought I’d get weird lo-fi indie noise, but it was two full-on chaotic punk songs and a free-jazz instrumental. I still love it to this day. I’ve never bought any other Truman’s Water records, either—I’m always worried they’ll sound completely different and not be nearly as good. But hey, it’s not like I can’t download more of their music and check it out, right? I guess I just don’t want to ruin it.

July 29, 2014

we made new shirts for tour and we got them in Brighton today and I am pretty darn happy. sincerest compliments and apologies to jenny holzer.

Ohhhh shit; it’s “Interference Fits” too. I NEED one of these.


we made new shirts for tour and we got them in Brighton today and I am pretty darn happy. sincerest compliments and apologies to jenny holzer.

Ohhhh shit; it’s “Interference Fits” too. I NEED one of these.

July 29, 2014


Whenever I remember doing something that makes me want to shrivel up and die of embarrassment, I think about the fact that Elvis Costello sent a copy of “Man Out of Time” to Ira Gershwin with thanks for the inspiration, and everything looks better in comparison.

Interesting. That’s not Costello’s version of the story:

Several years later, while working on the album King Of America, I was in a Hollywood hotel bar and a man introduced himself and started talking about [Imperial Bedroom]. He turned out to be the renowned pianist, singer, and connoisseur of arcane and obscure lyrics of the Broadway era, Michael Fienstein. He had once worked as an assistant to Ira Gershwin, and he told me that when a New York Times review compared some of the writing on Imperial Bedroom to his brother, George, Mr. Gershwin had requested that his assistant purchase a copy of the record.

It conjures a horrifying image of a despairing Ira Gershwin being assailed by the howling introduction of “Man Out Of Time”, believing that this is what the people made of his brother’s legacy. He had no way of knowing that I would have been delighted by this small contact with the musical world that existed before rock and roll. Having read the cutting remarks in Mr. Gershwin’s volume of annotated lyrics, I probably don’t want to know his true reaction to the record.


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July 28, 2014


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July 27, 2014


"What they’ve managed to tap into that everybody else’s missed I dunno, but…a real charmer any way you slice it."

SILTBREEZE 4 1988 (no page #)  Tom Lax, Editor

POOH STICKS review by the Siltbreeze team

Greatest thing about the Pooh Sticks is that, at least according to Wikipedia, Hue and the producer, Steve Gregory, were the only actual members. The band’s lineup, including spokesperson/liner notes writer Trudi (who was officially the tambourine player, so I guess I should have figured something was up), apparently didn’t exist! I owned multiple Pooh Sticks records in the early 90s and didn’t know all this until a few years ago.

July 27, 2014
Bringing some color love to Venable and Mosby



New temporary mural by Ed Trask on the former ACME Grocery at Venable and Mosby Streets.

VIA: CHPN / http://chpn.net/news/2014/07/22/bringing-some-color-love-to-venable-and-mosby_35424/

I drive past this corner on my way home from work quite often, but hadn’t noticed this. I’ll look for it next time for sure.

Also, though, I wanted to reblog this because of the ancient advertisement painted onto the side of the building in the background. All you can clearly see in this pic is “Milam,” which I assume is the brand being advertised (I know absolutely nothing about it). But the next line underneath the name says “For Pure Blood.” I always find myself wondering about what the hell that could mean. What did this product do to “purify” your blood? And is that a creepy ad slogan or what?

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July 27, 2014
Bat to the Beginning: BATMAN, Chapter 2 (July 23, 1943)

After nearly 4 months with no posts, the Golden Age Batman blog is back with recaps of the 1943 Batman movie serial—and yes, it’s awesome. This is chapter 2, chapter 1 was posted earlier this week. Worth a read for Batman fans (which I know not all of you are, but still).

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