March 8, 2012
"Critics, tastemakers, and especially cool kids hate Skrillex and his music just as much as all those people packed into Pasha obviously love them. Variously considered the suburbanization of dubstep, maximalist garbage, or as the blog MTHRFNKR wrote “…Richard D. James in disguise, trolling us all.” If it were the guy from Aphex Twin behind this, it would be evil genius. Since it’s just a femme 24 year old from Southern California, most people can just write it off as evil. Skrillex’s music is the worst nightmare of electronic music aesthetes because he doesn’t give a shit about the carefully enforced micro-genres, cultural hierarchies, and bro/nerd distinctions that characterize producers, D.J.s, clubs, and every other facet of contemporary dance music life. It’s a sound built from electronic music’s detritus: bad synths, corny Jamaican sound and lyric references, Romantic piano melodies, chipmunk vocals, and blow-this-shirt-to-shreds action-film sound effects. But brave as such a stance might sound, Skrillex is not doing it for art. As he’s often said, he’s doing it for fun. And for that reason, Skrillex is pretty punk."

Why the loved and hated ‘now-noise’ of Skrillex is really kind of punk

I strongly recommend Daphne Carr’s excellent article about Skrillex on the Capital New York site. It was published a month ago, and I didn’t catch it til just now. This bit is particularly OTM.

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So excited to be reading some Daphne Carr.

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Articles like this make me want to like Skrillex. I still haven’t found a way to actually do so while I’m listening to his music, but it took me a few years to start liking Fucked Up too, so maybe it’ll still happen at some point in the future.

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