May 25, 2012

Sidenote about Kitty Pryde—I feel like a lot of people who’ve been talking about her online have barely listened to her actual music. She has 12 songs on bandcamp, and mediafire links that will allow you to download them for free are posted in her bandcamp profile, so there’s really no excuse not to at least hear them all once. This is my favorite of her songs, “Thanks Kathryn Obvious,” a track where she takes the making-fun-of-herself aspects of her lyrics—which remind me of MC Paul Barman’s best stuff, especially on this song—about as far as she can go with it. Here’s my favorite section of the lyrics:

i miss the days before everybody thought i was a stalker
i’ve always been the dork-ass jammed inside the locker
cause i thought i was sheena—you know, a punk rocker?
until i grew into wanting to be flocka
and everybody hates it—what a shocker!
i’ve been hot since grade-school soccer
when the coach tried to put me on the bench i fuckin’ shot her
no, just kidding—i’m a lawyer’s daughter!
i’m not badass, i’m not awesome
i’m a little ginger wuss, i’m bubbles, i’m not blossom
on the vip list i’m at the bottom
i’ve been hiding in my closet all summer and autumn
watching jimmy neutron and dying of boredom
and all my friends hate me, cuz i ignore them
to talk to base farrel and fuck slag and slug and shit
and everybody else that i’m in love with

[transcribed those lyrics myself, in a hurry, which is why there aren’t any capital letters, and also by the way I have no idea who the names she mentions in the next-to-last line are supposed to represent—but I get the general point she’s making with the lyric and find it funny, so I’m including it anyway]

I dunno, maybe you hate this. Maybe you don’t like the “cloud-rap” sound, where every beat seems to have been made by someone who was stoned on weed and codeine. Kitty Pryde clearly does, as that’s what most of her original beats sound like (she also raps over an MF Doom beat and a Nicki Minaj beat, and probably others that I haven’t recognized yet). Or maybe you can’t stand her voice, or that she’s trying to be funny. But I think anyone who claims that Kitty Pryde is just Kreayshawn part two isn’t paying attention to the actual music. Don’t get sucked in by the hype, folks—form your own opinions, and make them informed ones.

[Of course, obviously, none of y’all have to like what I like—I’m just opposed to knee-jerk dismissals. I hope everyone gets where I’m coming from here.]

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  1. jameshoffer said: I liked her better before I listened to her music.
  2. rendit said: Yeah, see, I saw her doing what she called a “Based freestyle” that was completely racist and treated Lil B like a minstrel, so no thank you!
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