June 16, 2012



This deserves a million exclamation marks.

CL continues to make her case for β€œVery Important Pop Personality of the Moment” status no matter how slow I am in understanding K-pop as a whole.

So OK this is CL from 2NE1 doing a medley of the Jojo version of “Marvin’s Room” into Nicki Minaj’s “Did It On Em” and ending with an a capella rap verse, mostly in Korean.

Why yes, I did need this on my blog.

(via cureforbedbugs)

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    Love her…
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    hurrr lmfao DAT’S A LLIL BOBBI DOE » imagine she purposely swallows “adderall” to keep the kids from searching
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    this hutchins guy is legit
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    Oh. Okay.
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    A MILLION EXCLAMATION MARKS. Ever since that Ellie Goulding cover of “High for This” went around awhile ago I’ve been...
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    I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t heard the original version of that particular song enough to notice that. But...
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    By the way, none of that rap over “Did It On ‘Em” is Nicki’s original.
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    CL continues to make her case for “Very Important Pop Personality of the Moment” status no matter how slow I am in...
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